Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are you smarter than an advertiser? Take this simple quiz!

Get ready to see how you stack up against the business world’s best and brightest.

1.  Who has the highest net worth of any segment of the population?

     A)  The hamsters in those Kia spots
     B)  The guy who invented Viagra
     C)  People over 50

2.  People over 50 are responsible for…

     A)  Everything that’s wrong with the world
     B)  Gluten-free pizza
     C)  Almost 50% of all consumer spending in the U.S.

3.  In two years, 50% of the U.S. population will be…

     A)  Vegan
     B)  Amish
     C)  Over 50 years old

4.  People over 50 spend $7 billion a year…

     A)  On kale
     B)  On Jimmy Buffett concerts
     C)  Shopping online

5.  If Americans over 50 were a country…

     A)  We’d invade France and eat all their snails
     B)  Our flag would feature two Lipitor and a marijuana leaf
     C)  We’d have the third largest economy in the world, just below the U.S. and China

6.  Nielson calls this group “The most valuable generation in the history of marketing”

     A)  The Cowsills
     B)  Those guys who stand on the corner and spin big arrows
     C)  People over 50

If you answered “C” to everything, then CONGRATULATIONS my friend! You are definitely smarter than an advertiser. Because despite the fact that people over 50 buy 62% of all new cars, 55% of consumer packaged goods, half of all computers and dominate sales in 94% of CPG categories, they are the target for only 5% of all U.S. advertising.

How stupid is that?


  1. Surely the answer to Q5 is "D) All of the above"?

  2. I, painfully know of what you speak. You see in 2004, I ended a run as Program Director for an oldies station that had been #1 12 plus, and #1 25-54, but lost 50 cents on the dollar because it was a Big 10 town and all the advertisers wanted to know was, "Gee...I love your station, but you guys sound too old. When are you going to play the 80's?"

  3. Incidentally, I just turned 50 so I'm relying on your blog for tips on how to behave now that I can no longer rely on advertisers for advice on what my lifestyle should look like. You seem like a dependable sort.